The Pathway to Success

Individual Learning Solutions is a not-for-profit organization that helps students with learning and social challenges reach their full academic, social, and emotional potential. We promote family wellness by addressing the needs of the whole “special” family and coordinating multiple services.

ILS teaches students and their families a variety of strategies, advocacy, and adaptive technology that will reduce educational and inter-family stress. We give students and families a variety of checklists, easy-to-use form letters, lists of resources, and practical advice. We also offer counseling, school selection, post-secondary and career advising, and equine therapy.

Learning Services

Individual Learning Solutions provides an array of services to assist with your child’s unique needs. Allow us to aid in the learning process, all the way from initial diagnosis to eventual career selection.
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Articles on Learning

Our President, Natalie Phelps Tate, has written a number of articles and is in the process of creating a new book. Her experience with learning disabilities provides a special insight and understanding of your child’s situation.
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Windmere Crossing
Pony Farm

Windmere Crossing Pony Farm is operated by an education not-for-profit organization and offers fun and safe opportunities for children and adults to interact with friendly ponies and other farm animals.
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